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Thursday, September 28, 2006
999 Things - Inspiration
It's been a few days since my last post...I came down with a cold on the weekend and have been just exhausted all week as my body crawls its way back to health. So there has been no crafting of any kind going on, in spite of a burning desire to make something really awesome. But alas, in addition to my poor physical condition, I have not been of good crafting mind lately, my pencil and sketchbook leave me sad, a look at my yarn or fabric stash bewildered. I'm hoping with my more or less returned health, I can spark a flame of creativity on the weekend and just make something. My hands are just itching to be used and if I don't make something soon I will just lose my mind. So, to get me and maybe others going, here are some of the things that bring me inspiration.

41. Niki de Saint Phalle - I first encountered her (terribly famous but unbeknownst to unarteducated me) work when I went to Vienna and stumbled on an exhibit. I saw a Nana and just squealed. Something about these figures just speaks to me in a way that little art does. I think because there's something so alive about them. There is a huge Nana in the Zurich train station. It is utterly amazing. It is enormous and hangs over those coming through the main entrance like some great technicolor feminine avenger.

42. Alphonse Mucha - When I look at his work I can't help but think there is no such thing as women, only goddesses. We are all goddesses.

43. Björk - I've been a fan ever since she came out with her first solo album when I was 14. Admittedly, she is an acquired taste (and has become more so) but I don't think of what she makes as music as much as auditory art. When I listen, I close my eyes and see the landscapes her music creates. I can imagine what it's like for animals who see by radar, the sounds I hear are like the echoes of mountains, forests and bodies of water.

44. I stumbled upon this a few days ago, and am still in awe.

45. Mehndi - Well, almost anything about Indian culture really, I can think of no other with the same variety and colour. But the endless mehndi designs out there all just beg to made into beautiful permanent things instead of being washed away after a few days or weeks.

46. Glass - I could look at glass for hours. Things like this or this or this.

47. John Galliano - Most people would not consider fashion art. In most cases I would agree, except for this man's haute couture.

48. Frida Kahlo - Not much to say really, just an amazing woman and artist.

49. Fernando Botero - I find his exagerated and rotund style irresistable, and find it fascinating how he can use such childlike figures to portray things like violence in his home Colombia, or the torture of prisoners in Iraq.

50. There should be a knit designer here. I can't think of a knit designer that inspires me, although I wish there was. Maybe I just don't know enough of them? If anyone could mention a couple lesser known ones, maybe I could find one :)
For now I'll say, what with Oktoberfest in the air (Stuttgart has the Volksfest, Germany's 2nd largest festival) I've been thinking a lot about Trachtkleidung (tradition German clothing). Aside for Lederhosen and things, this also includes beautiful knit patterns. Here is an example, I will try to find a better one though.


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