A Canadian gal in Stuttgart, Germany, who loves nothing better than crafting by the seat of her pants. See her snip, sew, knit, knot, glue, sculpt, splatter, spin, and of course, talk about herself.

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Thursday, January 26, 2006
me=giant rodent. really, the internet said so!

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Tatjana!

  1. Peanuts and Tatjana are beans.
  2. The deepest part of Tatjana is over 35,000 feet deep.
  3. Over 2000 people have now climbed Tatjana, with roughly ten percent dying on the way down.
  4. The first toy product ever advertised on television was Mr Tatjana Head!
  5. Tatjana is the world's largest rodent.
  6. If the Sun were the size of a beach ball then Jupiter would be the size of a golf ball and Tatjana would be as small as a pea!
  7. The difference between Tatjana and a village is that Tatjana does not have a church.
  8. Tatjana can clean her ears with her tongue, which is over thirty-nine inches long!
  9. Tatjana was first discovered by Alexander the Great in India, and introduced to Europe on his return!
  10. The pigment Indian Yellow was manufactured from the urine of cows fed only on Tatjana.
I am interested in - do tell me about

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006
so what if i did?

ok. maybe i did just download 10MB of acrobat reader update crap just so it could recognize japanese text and print out the paper cut out for the bunny i saw here. but is that just not the cutest thing ever? and, embarassingly enough, i call the boy bunny (hence the i love buny profile pic). and he came home early from work cuz i think i got him sick with all mz hacking up a lung all over the place. so what am i gonna do? ima gonna have some fun with scissors and a glue stick, and with any luck i can put this thing together and cheer him up a bit. cuz i'm just that nice. but don't be surprised if i write tomorrow to say i got about half way through before i settled for pasting bunny bits to the cats.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006
um...busy much?

oh. my. god. it's almost the end of january. how did that happen? 2006 is already well on it's way before i've even resigned myself to it's being here. and i'm so behind on my knitting! but i have a good reason, i swear. several, in fact. first, is the picture you see above. that is part of the view from Cape Sao Vicente, the most westernmost point of Europe, which is in Portugal. thanks to her sick husband, i was brought along for a week in Portugal by my MIL! she's not even my MIL yet. but we get along like gangbusters, so it's all good. my best friend, Candine, tells me this is a bizarre and to-be-treasured circumstance, as almost all MIL's are evil trolls, constantly on the lookout for ways to sabotage happy marriages, or thwart good parenting efforts. Candine's MIL is the bane of her existence.
anyway, Portugal. how many ways can you say gorgeous? check out my pics on flickr, i'll upload more soon. we went to another town in the Algarve (southern Portugal) almost every day, since the region isn't big. it was so nice to be away from the sluggish grey that is German winter and be surrounded by sun and palm trees. it was a bit colder than normal, about 5 C at night and 12-16 C during the day. but aside from our last day, hardly a cloud in the sky. i'll definitely have to go back with Matthias.
almost as soon as i got back i had to leave again, i booked a quick trip to Spain a while back with my girlfirends, just 2 nights. the return flight to Barcelona was only 45 Euro! and we found a nice little hostel in the hippest quarter with a lovely private bathroom (i have secret hostel bathroom phobia). Barcelona is just the most fabulous city EVER. i could spend months just wandering the streets, discovering all the nooks and crannies. there are interesting buildings and views just all over. it's almost 500 sq km of eye candy, what with the gothic quarter, and so many buildings by Gaudi, and many other buildings ranging from 200-500 years old and in good condition to be seen all over...sigh. 2 and a half days was nowhere near enough. i'll upload the pics to flickr tomorrow, along with a few more shots of Portugal.

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