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Monday, September 04, 2006
999 Things
21. I make a fish face sometimes when I'm bored and not really thinking...kinda like this, but I don't usually cross my eyes unless I'm doing it to show someone else.

22. I sigh alot when I'm feeling kinda melancholy. Really deep, wistful kinda sighs. I don't even realize I'm doing it til Bunny asks me what's wrong.

23. I call my boyfriend Bunny, because I think it's funny. He didn't like it until I spent a week calling him much more embarassing alternatives . Now it's totally his name! haha!

24. He calls me Lion because I couldn't stop dancing and singing along to this.

25. Bizarrely, I could listen to that song all day.

26. I do not know how to play any instruments.

27. I took music for a year in high school, during which I was condemned to the trombone.
28. This is a great instrument, but not for me because I have short arms. Taken from a site explaining how to tune a trombone:
Seventh position -- About an inch and a half past the stockings. his is as far as most people can reach.
For short arms: Use tips of two fingers releasing thumb from brace to reach seventh. Move right shoulder in. Extremely short arms may need to tie a string from finger to brace and "throw" the slide.
Yeah, throw the slide. That worked real well. I won't even tell you the number of times I got a little over-zealous and cracked some innocent clarinet player in the back of the head.

29. I secretly longed for the trumpet, and traded for one every time we had a substitute teacher.

30. I found the trumpet much easier to play, even with the small mouthpiece, and have ever since been convinced that if given the chance I could have been a musical genius.


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