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Thursday, May 24, 2007
I'm Back!!!
Phew. What a week. Or maybe I should say what a month? I am finally back in my hometown, Toronto, Canada. I arrived at my parents a week ago and I've been running around like a headless chicken since. Between friends, relatives, unpacking, job hunting and doing all those millions of little things for getting settled, I've been busy. But happily, I just got highspeed internet set up at my parents, because I need it like yesterday for my job with the organic paper, so that means I can upload pics and stuff. I hate having to post without pictures!!

Being the die hard thriftaholic that I am, I have already been on a thrift spree this week with my mum, because Value Village was having their 50% off sale!!! Woohoo!! I found some great stuff. I haven't been able to tak pics off anything yet, but hopefully you're willing to settle for some pics of Portugal for now :)

It's great being home, but somehow I don't think it's really sunk in yet. Although I've got the thing with the paper going, I need to find more work before I can move into my own place, so I'll be staying with the folks for a bit. Kinda wierd. My mum is uber happy to see me and wants to do a million things. It's great to spend time with them both again, but I can't wait til things are more settled and I know where I'm living n all. Somehow I feel like my life has been on hold for so long, ever since I finished my MSc over a year and half ago. I was just biding my time until the next big phase began, and now that it's almost here the impatience is just killing me! I keep dreaming of my own little place to decorate, having a nice pub within walking distance, getting settled in a real job, ie a job I can see myself doing for a long time, as opposed to just until I find something better. I just gotta relax and see how things go, I guess.

I'm also hoping I can finally feed my DIY urges. I found quite a few things thrifting that I want to alter and maybe put up on etsy. It really sucks that half of my stuff is still in boxes somewhere on a boat coming from Germany :P But my mum has a sewing machine, which is a start, so I can play with things a bit, and once all my ribbons and borders and buttons (yay buttons!!) get here I can play with those too :) Right now I'm toying with the idea of throwing together a homemade dress form. Anyone ever try making one of those? Me thinks this is a case for Craftster. I've wanted to make one forever, but just never got around to it. Depending on how job hunting goes, either I will soon have no time, or I will soon have too much time. I figure if it ends up being the latter, I should at least keep myself busy :)
posted by tatjana @ 3:51 p.m.   10 comments
Sunday, May 06, 2007
Moving right along....
I really hope that all my lovely blogerinas will forgive me for being so neglectful, but the little spare time I have had lately has been spent enjoying the lovely weather and the company of my soon-to-be-left-behind friends. I had actually planned a relaxed evening at home on Wednesday, with some knitting and playing blog catch up with you all, but somehow I got kidnapped and taken for beers instead ;) Bit by bit everything is coming to a close, I am tying up the last loose ends at work, since my last day is next week and I have already taken care of quite a few belongings that either had to be shipped or put up on eBay. I still seem to have a few too many little mountains of things though, so I will have to try and sort out a few more things this weekend.

That paragraph, I'll have you know, was written well over a week ago, and since then I've been trying to find time to finish and post the entry. Since then there has been more work, more beer and just generally a lot more enjoying of my last weeks here. Yesterday a gang of us went to the Volksfest, which happens in the fall and spring here in Stuttgart. A fair with the prerequisite beer tents, where the atmosphere is what one imagines when you think of Octoberfest. It's great fun, but I think I may have overdone it with the singing and screaming, because I have barely any voice at all today. Ah well, it was for a good cause. The band wanted to see who could produce more noise, the men or the women. Although this sort of thing is probably done at venues all over the world, Germany is the only place I've seen where they actually measured how many decibels, and displayed it on the bigscreen lol! Even when drunk, precision is everything ;)

Silly me forgot to bring a camera of course, but a friend of mine brought his and hopefully I can get him to burn them for me soon. I'll show you some as long as they're not too embarassing ;) One thing I can promise though, is that in a few days I will regale you all with beautiful pictures of Lisbon. The boy and I decided to go on a little trip together before I leave. I'm not sure if this is likely to make me more or less confused about the state of things between us, but I adore Portugal so right now I don't care. Here are a couple pics I took when I was in the Algarve, in southern Portugal. I can't wait to see what Lisbon is like, it's supposed to be gorgeous! I promise to take lots of pics so you all can see too! See you all when I get back, have an awesome week :D *mwah*
posted by tatjana @ 11:51 p.m.   9 comments

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