A Canadian gal in Stuttgart, Germany, who loves nothing better than crafting by the seat of her pants. See her snip, sew, knit, knot, glue, sculpt, splatter, spin, and of course, talk about herself.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
i spun. i really SPUN!

i just can't get over it. it's just so pretty. ok, it isn't really actually if compared to other, more colourful, or more skillfully worked yarns. but this baby is MINE! i spun her all by myself and as far as i'm concerned she's just the loveliest thing since sunsets and spring tulips. i made her out of...i'm not sure what i made her out of. i bought a box of wool surprise from this super snazzy online place that gives prices in kilos. craziness. kilos of wooly goodness....NO! for now i must be happy with my one kilo. it's very nice, a mix of 7 or 8 different wools, and it was a fair bit cheaper than other stuff i've seen online. it did not come labeled however, so i don't know for sure which one i spun. i think it was some New Zealand wool. luckily they're not all the same colour, and only 2 are really white.
i have to admit i was a bit intimidated at first, because i know people have had trouble with spindles, and i wasn't sure if my standard issue spindle from the random online wool factory would work well for me or not. but how can you resist a box of wooliness?? i took a much deserved (i can pretend, can't i?) break from thesis writing to give my new toy a whirl. and boy did it whirl! it's just the craziest thing ever. fluff on one end, spindle on the other, and in the middle, yarn is practically just making itself like i'm Rumpelstilskin or something. i couldn't believe my eyes!
so now i've definitely gotta work double time on this darn thesis thingamajiggy and get it done like yesterday cuz baby's got some spinnin to do!
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Friday, September 23, 2005
Bad Aunty Tut!

at least i started out really well. i found the loveliest mutli-coloured cotton yarn, and that adorable pattern on knitty and it took next to no time at all to knit it up, cuz it's such an itsy bitsy little thing. but now it's been like 3 months since i started knitting it and i haven't sent this cardigan to my best friend for her absolutely scrumptious little darling and it's September, which in Canada means she's going to get cold soon! and then it'll be too late. cuz i don't know if you've ever seen a Canadian winter, but let me tell you, cotton doesn't cut it. and if i don't send this baby off soon, she will only be able to wear underneath her many layers of whale blubber that we Canadians need to pile on for warmth, cuz otherwise we just die. it's that cold! but still, i guess it's important to know you're still pretty, even under frozen blubber.
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Wednesday, September 21, 2005
this has been a day of too much thesis and too much COFFEE. bunny left me some coffee in the machine this morning because i wanted to get up a bit earlier and get more writing done, and my sleep has been all out of whack so i don't wake up properly at my normal time, and need super hero strength to haul my sorry ass out of bed. but i don't normally drink coffee. especially not here in Germany where the coffee is like slow roasted cocaine in a cup. i need to tone it down a bit to where it's more like 'would like coffee with you milk n sugar?' but of course, i'm usually hypo-glycemic, so the sugar doesn't help either, and before i know it i'm fiddling around on iceberg radio for some good break music and discovery they have a SOCK HOP STATION!!! yippeee! my god, is that fun. although i was not yet even a twinkle in my father's eye when any of this music was made, i am the biggest sucker ever for old rock n roll or even older jazz. put some on and you can watch me make the biggest spectacle ever of myself. like today. it's a good thing no one else was home, and we haven't picked up the kittens yet, because i think even they would have been embarassed to see me. but at least i invented this bizarre dance that is sure to make bunny wet his pants when he gets home! it makes me kind of look like a windmill, yet in no way resembles the impressive windmill of breakdance fame that i couldn't even try without killing myself. if you have no idea what i'm talking about, see this kid who puts me to shame.

and i promise not to blog on coffee again.
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Sunday, September 18, 2005
what a week. i went digging through the closet in our store room and was beyond horrified to discover FUNGI!!! normally, being a botanist n all, i have a great appreciation for our little fuzzy friends and the wonderful services they provide in nature, but of course things like this get forgotten when it's less than a metre away from my yarn stash! luckily it was just the one corner of the room that got moldy, and it never went beyond the closet/shelf in that corner. but we had to clear out a bunch of stuff to clean the area properly, and of course some things had to be thrown away. but we haven't had time to go to buy some fungicide to spray on the wall, or a new shelf, so we currently have stuff just lying around everywhere. AUGH! i *hate* having stuff everywhere.
i should really be happy though. that icky mold could have gotten to my lovely wool, and it didn't. and we even managed to find a new spot in the pc/hobby room to put my yarn shelf with my stash. i had it all setup nicely just in time to add the gorgeous new addition that arrived yesterday:

i still have no idea what i'm going to do with it, but i just can't stop fondling the stuff. and the colours look even prettier than they did in the picture on ebay. to think someone just didn't want it anymore. it would make such a beautiful scarf, or shawl, or maybe mixed with something a little less fuzzy for a cardigan. i guess i'll just have to wait and see when i've got a bit more of the thesis done.
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Friday, September 16, 2005
at last!

yay! it's done! i finished the tank i started while i was still in Colombia and has been stranded in my closet because i couldn't figure out how to finish it. it finally occurred to me i could take a little off of the belt on my wrap cardigan and use that along with the teensy little bit of yarn i still had left. and it worked! it was just barely enough. so now i have the wrap, and the tank. they don't go together unfortunately, but still look really nice on their own :) and to think i almost didn't even make the cardigan because it called for a completely different kind of yarn!
now i can get started on christmas presents, and making something fun for my gift elf partner! Woohoo!
posted by tatjana @ 11:12 p.m.   1 comments
Saturday, September 10, 2005
Mean Cat Lady!!!
here i am, finally, returning to my poor neglected blog, to do none other than slag an animal shelter. the outrage!! who the hell do i think i am, to question the glowing morals of those blessed people who care for helpless and abandoned animals, who shelter them when no one else will?? ok, i admit, i'm not any kind of expert. but i have always been an animal lover, and do have relatively high standards of what an appropriate home for an animal is. and normally, i wholeheartedly agree that shelters should exercise some kind of screening process in order to have some assurance that the animal is going to a good home. but we have to be reasonable, don't we?? i mean, the idea *is* that we want these animals to actually go to a nice home, rather than keep them at the shelter forever, or did i miss something?

Matthias and i have been wanting to get a new cat for a while now. after some thought and discussion, we decided we wanted to get 2 female kittens from the same litter. after all, it's not much extra trouble to take care of 2 cats rather than one, and cats are often happier with a companion, especially if it's a sibling. we'd been asking around, but hadn't found much. we saw some kittens on the internet, but called just a day after the last of them had been reserved. today we went to a shelter which is practically drowning in cats. on their website is a notice that they are currently in need of donations, in order to feed all the kittens they have. so we went there, instead of another shelter, thinking 'won't it be great to take 2 cats off their hands?' but did they let us? NO!!!! the 10 foot dominatrix lashed her whip and screamed 'NO CAT FOR YOU!!!!'

ok. maybe i'm exaggerating. they asked us where we lived, and looked us up on a map. lo and behold, we live on a street!! oh no! we live in a residential area. all the streets around us have a speed limit of 30km/h (18mph), it's hardly the autobahn. and there are lots of cats in our area that have gotten long fine with our little four wheeled friends. but apparently you are unworthy of having any cat less than a few years old unless you live on old mcdonald's farm!! because young cats will get runover unless they are surrounded by field or forest on all sides.

i don't think this is fair, either to prospective owners, or the cats. there are over a dozen kittens in that place who are going to sit around a lot longer than necessary because they have unreasonable requirements. if it were up to them, at least half the people i know with cats wouldn't have been allowed to have them. i think it's cracked.

and i really want a kitty :(
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