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Friday, August 25, 2006
I just can't believe it.
This week I bought some yarn on ebay. I buy a lot of yarn on ebay. Or did. Ok, about 95% of the yarn currently in my possession was purchased on what for me is like a giant German garage sale. So what can't I believe? Well, I happen to look at my list of online payments (such things are a very important pillar of the German banking system) and lo and behold, aside from my little stash extravanganza in Canada (which so doesn't count!) I have not bought yarn all year. It's kinda spooky. I almost feel like I'm going straight to knitter's hell just for typing that. There are reasons for this though. One, my stash had grown beyond all manageable storage capacity considering the size of our apartment. Second, I don't find nearly as many awesome stashes for sale as I used to. (sniff) Third, since my yarn consists of all kinds of randomness, none of which was purchased with specific garments in mind, my stash became a little daunting and I had the damnedest time figuring out what to knit.

So I figure now I'm entitled to some stash enhancement. I don't have pictures of my new yarn yet, but for now you can look at some lovely new fabric, since I have also been neglecting my sewing stash :)
Upholstery fabric ends Patchwork fabric

I bought these lovely upholstery ends and the patchwork fabric for bags to try selling on etsy. I used to sew a lot when I was in high school, making my own bags or dresses and lots of modifying of thrift store finds. For a long while I didn't have time for it, and now I mostly knit. But I want to start sewing stuff again, and see if I can sell some things. In any case, I will only start out with a few pieces, and make stuff I'll use myself if noone wants it. I will have leftovers of the patchwork fabric, and I think that will become a dress for my best friends's little girl. Something with pockets :)

Silk with romantic print Floral fabric

Even though it's already getting a bit chilly around here, I couldn't resist buying this silk for a skirt. It's so flirty and pretty, it makes me think of Paris for some reason. I have no idea what to do with the floral prints, but there was no way I was leaving them in the store. I got just a metre (about a yard) of the red/orangey colour (I just may go back for more) and I took what was left of the brown, about 2.5m, so enough for a dress, or maybe a blouse and skirt, we'll see.

Circle skirt fabric

But this fabric was by far the best of all. You see that floral pattern? It's a panel. Like, for a quilt panel? Nope. Like for a circle skirt panel! If you've already seen this in your neck of the woods, I'm terribly sorry, but this just blew me away! What a marvelous idea! You don't need a pattern or anything, just cut out the two half-circle panels, cut out a smaller half circle for your waist, and there's your skirt. I can't wait to sew this up and wear it with some flirty, little boots.


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