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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Distractions, distractions
Wow! Has it really been almost a week since I posted last? For shame! Things have been kinda hectic lately with work and other stuff, and I hardly noticed last week go by. And my brain has just been all over the place. On the one side, I've been trying to get focused on the proposal for my PhD, and on the other I'm having all sorts of fantasies of becoming a world famous knit designer. haha! I've still got quite a ways to go on both scores. Then starting next week I will be taking driving lessons!! Um, confused? Well me, being the enormous space cadet I am, did a monstrously stupid thing in letting my Canadian diver's license expire. I've been in Germany for over 3 years now, and I haven't had money for a car, or needed one with the excellent transit system, but now it would be really handy to have one. BUT (and this is a big but) that now means having to apply for a German license. This is not just taking a test. In Germany you are required to take driving lessons. A specific number of them. Of four different specific types. Yes, they are out of their minds. But man do they know how to drive! I swear, traffic here is nothing like Canada. It's now been a while since I've done much driving, so I'm hoping I do ok with all the crazy signs, different rules, narrow, curving roads, and the unpredictable, speedy drivers.
And since I'm discussing distractions, this morning I was distracted for a full 15 minutes contemplating variations of these (*Warning! Do not click if you find Mel Gibson's treatment of women offensive!*) I found this especially funny because it reminded me of an old friend with whom I used to trade similar lovely pet names or better yet, call them out to attractive passers by! (Admittedly usually only after several shots of tequila lol)

Ok. Enough distractions.

In spite of all this I have been knitting, and I'm almost finished a baby Aran cardigan for a friend of mine who just had the sweetest little boy! I will take a pic as soon as I'm done. I'm using, as always, random stash yarn. It's a bulky navy blue cotton, very soft, and as a patterns I'm building on Daisy which I've knit before, and found to be a quick and simple knit. Even though it's small, I didn't feel like committing to a simple stockinette, so I put in some cables. There is a 3 strand cable on the back with 2x2 cables on either side, on the front and on the sleeves. The under sleeve and underarm section is a panel of seed stitch. It's turning out pretty well. I just have to knit the collar, so I'll post a pic soon.
And of course, I'm working on a knit for me (because I'm selfish, selfish, selfish! haha!). The Seaberry Shell from Interweave Knits, which you can see in a gorgeous raspberry colour here. Unfortunately, it's been frogged. But you can see the really pretty boobholder she used the frogged yarn for here. And it was merged with the Soleil pattern from Knitty to make an awesome tank here. Poor Seaberry. Noone wants to make you as you are! Oh well, I can't blame them, I'm making mods too. This baby needs shaping like nobody's bidness and that neckline is just frump frump frump. Mine will be a bit more body hugging, and have a nice wide boat verging on scoop neck. I think this will give it some fine retro appeal.

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