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Friday, August 25, 2006
999 Things?
A lot of blogs have a link somewhere to an 'About Me' page or a list of personal facts. Somehow I never got around to doing that, so just to make it a little different, and make use of my brand new categories (woohoo! I've been trying to find out how to do this with blogger for forever, I'm such a geek, I'm going to come up with a whopping 999 things about me! (Hmmm, narcissistic much?) But not to worry, doing it all at once we be a bit much for all concerned methinks so I will make mini lists, once a week or whenever I get the urge really, and (here's where my fun new categories come in!) they will all go into their little category until I reach 999.

So without further ado, the start of my list:

1. I was born in Toronto, Canada to a German father and an Ecuadorian mother.

2. Strangely, although I could always tell my mother had an accent, it wasn't until I was a teenager that I realized my dad has one too.

3. I speak 3 1/2 languages, English, Spanish, German, and a rusty French.

4. Even though I grew up in a big city, crowds stress me out and I much prefer small towns.

5. It is not uncommon to hear me talking to inanimate objects (with great enthusiasm even). If I do this with an object that is not my own, there's a damn good chance I am moments awaying from purchasing said item so as to have it all to myself.

6. I am an insatiable bargain hunter. Me in the middle of a 'Going out of business' type sale (you know the kind, where they're practically just giving stuff away) is kinda like Fred Flintstone in a casino (Bet-bet-bet-bet-bet!!).

7. I have been living in Germany for 3 years.

8. When I first got here, the dialect in this area (Schwäbisch or Swabian) drove my absolutely bonkers.

9. I now find it highly entertaining.

10. Almost noone ever called me by my full name until I moved here (I was Tut or Tati), and I still find it wierd sometimes.

Psst! Anyone else with a blogger blog who wants categories too, the super duper fabulous code can be found here. It's a bit of a pain to categorize old posts, because you have to go back and put a tag into them, but I like this method better than the one that uses del.icio.us and just gives you a list of links to the entries.


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