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Thursday, August 16, 2007
Let's play Ball!! Um, I mean Skein!
Well, last night was Stitch n' Pitch night here Toronto. It was a blast!! They gave us knitters and other stitchy crafters a great deal - for 20 bucks we got to see a ball game with our fellow crafters and even got a great gift bag filled with lovely goodies, like yarn, coupons and patterns. Woohoo! I had a lot of fun meeting some more knitters and I can't even remember the last time I went to a baseball game - there really is nothing like rooting for the home team :) Our own Toronto Blue Jays were playing the LA Angels. Our mascot Ace was presented with a handknit scarf in honor of the occasion and even came by our section to learn how to knit himself, so I just had to take a pic! It was also funny to talk to our usher, who couldn't have been 16. Before the game, as knitters were still arriving, he was totally psyched - I'm not sure exactly what he was expecting from a bunch of knitters, but he obviously hadn't expected so many of us ;) At any rate, he said our section had been his first pick, even before the speed daters who had a section across the stadium from us LOL.

As for the knitting, I was working hard to get this tank done and I'm almost there! It got a few looks and comments, so I was pretty pleased with myself. I can't wait to get this baby blocked and try it on, hopefully by tomorrow or the day after. I noticed a lot of people working on socks, inlcuding this lovely lady across the aisle, who also happens to be a crocheter extraordinaire. (Hi Pirkko!!) I noticed the gorgeous crochet bag she had to put her blog cards in and when I checked out her site and blog I saw that she also does some stunning free-form crochet which you can see here. I love the colours and textures in these!!

In front of me, Nicole was working on the cutest little baby sweater, while mum Sylvia was knitting one of my former vices....the ribbon scarf. You can see a shawl in a similar yarn here. It knits up really quickly and makes for great spring scarf. These were all over Germany when this type of yarn came out. Of course, it doesn't help that Europeans are all about the scarf. After my first year there, I just couldn't stop wearing them. Everywhere. All the time. I'm sure more than a couple of friends would laugh if they had seen me on certain winter days, when I switched from the traditional Canadian winter scarf (picture something with similar dimensions to the one worn by Doctor Who) to my lighter indoor scarf. In my defense, Germany still uses radiators rather than central heating and my office can get kinda nipply, if you know what I mean. At any rate, Sylvia's scarf was turning out great, and although Nicole has only recently discovered the knit blog world, I'm hoping I can follow in the footsteps of the many great knitbloggers before me and recruit her to out fibre-happy numbers :) I mean really, you can never have too many knit/craft blogs, can you?
Unfortunately, the night ended on a bittersweet note....although the Blue Jays won 2-1 (Go team!!!), I got a bit of a shock when I got home and saw the news. For those of you who haven't heard already, a huge (7.9) earthquake struck offshore of Peru, and for a few hours following there was a tsunami warning for most the western coast of South America, including Ecuador, where a large part of my family lives, some of whom are quite close to the coast. I also feared for many dear friends I made while working in Colombia, who were also theoretically at risk. Although I breathed a huge sigh of relief to hear that the destruction of the earthquake would not be increased by the damage of a tsunami, my heart goes out to the people there. The Peruvian Red Cross has been working like mad to find and treat the injured - this morning I made a donation to their parent organisation, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, who has already committed 250,000 Swiss francs from their disaster relief fund. Anyone interested in making a donation can go to their website here, or those of you in Toronto can donate to the account the Peruvian Consulate has set up locally. Direct Relief International is also involved in relief efforts. And if you have the chance, please send your prayers and thoughts to these people in their time of need.
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