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Wednesday, September 12, 2007
All is full of Bjork....and barns and movies and other fun stuff!

Wow. Some weekend. It was quite full of beauty for both the eye and ear, and I for one am a happy camper. As you can imagine, there were loads of people at the Virgin Festival, but in spite of the many lines we had to go through we had a grand ol' time! That's me enjoying a tasty Bud (all they had was that and Old Milwaukee - yuck!) with my darling Pete, who has come up from Rochester to come with me to every Bjork show since her Post tour. It just wouldn't be the same without him!

She put on an absolutely incredible performance, it's just so overwhelming to hear the strength of her voice and how perfectly she hits every note, as well as plays with all sorts of different vocal sounds while running around stage! The passion she puts into every song just leaves me tingling. As you can see, she also puts on a show with whatever she's wearing, no comfy jeans ever to be on her for a concert. She can be pretty outlandish with what she wears, but somehow pulls it off. This explosion of gold she wearing, for example, just seemed like an extension of her own volatile energy, as she turned into this gold blur zooming from one end of the stage to the other. I love how no matter what she wears, she always has bare feet so that she can jump around :)

There were a lot of people who stayed for her performance, as she was the last set on Saturday, and then went wild begging for an encore. It was awesome!!! A profusion of lasers and confetti accompanied her return to the stage, I really hope I didn't hurt anyone in front of me with how loud I screamed ;)

On Sunday I was craving a more quiet day, so I went to the St. Lawrence Market with my mom, one of Toronto's best known farmer's markets that also has antique dealers there on Sundays. Fun!!! I haven't been there in years and I just love snooping through old things with my mom because she gets as excited as I do :) Except for maybe buttons. She doesn't get the buttons lol. But I was very good, I didn't buy any, as right now I need to think about moving, not hording, but if I happen to have time next Sunday I might pop by to see this one seller who had the most lovely glass buttons, which I have a particular weakness for. It's just so hard to find nice ones in good condition, and these were all like new!

I did find one treasure though, that I just couldn't resist....a beautiful handmade purse!! It's made out of wood and looks like a little barn, complete with little windows and animals, and a lovely tree on one side. As you can see, it has a little flap you can open on the front and inside there is a little mirror, besides which it's signed "Made especially for you dear heart....by Margie" You can see a few more pics of it here on my flickr page. I'm sure it must be one of a kind, although my brain is already churning with the thought of how lovely it would be to have a whole collection of little house bags. Maybe a little pink one with flower boxes and a white picket fence? Or a wee ginger bread house? The possibilities are endless! It makes me wish it hasn't been quite so long since I last used a jigsaw....

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