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Saturday, September 10, 2005
Mean Cat Lady!!!
here i am, finally, returning to my poor neglected blog, to do none other than slag an animal shelter. the outrage!! who the hell do i think i am, to question the glowing morals of those blessed people who care for helpless and abandoned animals, who shelter them when no one else will?? ok, i admit, i'm not any kind of expert. but i have always been an animal lover, and do have relatively high standards of what an appropriate home for an animal is. and normally, i wholeheartedly agree that shelters should exercise some kind of screening process in order to have some assurance that the animal is going to a good home. but we have to be reasonable, don't we?? i mean, the idea *is* that we want these animals to actually go to a nice home, rather than keep them at the shelter forever, or did i miss something?

Matthias and i have been wanting to get a new cat for a while now. after some thought and discussion, we decided we wanted to get 2 female kittens from the same litter. after all, it's not much extra trouble to take care of 2 cats rather than one, and cats are often happier with a companion, especially if it's a sibling. we'd been asking around, but hadn't found much. we saw some kittens on the internet, but called just a day after the last of them had been reserved. today we went to a shelter which is practically drowning in cats. on their website is a notice that they are currently in need of donations, in order to feed all the kittens they have. so we went there, instead of another shelter, thinking 'won't it be great to take 2 cats off their hands?' but did they let us? NO!!!! the 10 foot dominatrix lashed her whip and screamed 'NO CAT FOR YOU!!!!'

ok. maybe i'm exaggerating. they asked us where we lived, and looked us up on a map. lo and behold, we live on a street!! oh no! we live in a residential area. all the streets around us have a speed limit of 30km/h (18mph), it's hardly the autobahn. and there are lots of cats in our area that have gotten long fine with our little four wheeled friends. but apparently you are unworthy of having any cat less than a few years old unless you live on old mcdonald's farm!! because young cats will get runover unless they are surrounded by field or forest on all sides.

i don't think this is fair, either to prospective owners, or the cats. there are over a dozen kittens in that place who are going to sit around a lot longer than necessary because they have unreasonable requirements. if it were up to them, at least half the people i know with cats wouldn't have been allowed to have them. i think it's cracked.

and i really want a kitty :(
posted by tatjana @ 4:36 p.m.  
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