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Wednesday, November 01, 2006
999 Things - Small Joys
Since my last addition to the list was very doom and gloom, I thought it would do me good to think of things that have made me happy lately.
Sweater dress

61. My new sweater dress! I'm not as much of a clothes horse as I used to be, but occasionally I really get a kick out of buying myself something pretty and girly. This dress is definitely that. Also, I think it's the shortest thing I've worn since I went to a friend's 'white trash' costume party about 5 years ago :D

62. Having breakfast with Bunny. During the week I rush to get ready and run out the door because of the long commute and always eat on the train, leaving him on his own. But on weekends or holidays (like today!) he will often get up before me and make us eggs benedict. So yummy, and really nice to sit and enjoy it with him.
Tübingen - Rathaus fountain

63. Spending the day in beautiful surroundings. This can be in nature, or in historic areas, which there are a lot of here. Today we spent the afternoon wandering through the woods, which was great, but have no pictures, so instead I'll show you one of another beautiful day a week or 2 ago when we went to Tübingen.

64. A bucket of candy. My mom is totally the sugar/fat/anything good police so the little girl in me still gets a little excited at a pile of junk food. I don't even have a sweet tooth, I think it's just a sense of something forbidden ;) And since we didn't end up having any trick or treaters this year, guess what I'm stuck with?
silver pendant w/ beads

65. Trying/making new things. In the last month or 2 I've gone to classes to try stained glasswork, metalwork and lampwork. Being a total textile girl, it was so exciting to work with totally different materials. Here's a pic of the pendant I made, with 2 beads I found to fit. I was hoping to have 3, but have not found one to fit in the smallest spot, so I may just use one. What do you think? If you click on my flickr pics there another of the pendant naked, plus another of my wonky glass beads! It was great fun making them, but will not be something I'll be pursuing.

66. This video. I found the link on a blog, but don't remember which one. And it led me to a similar one of a girl who did her own Free Hugs campaign in Toronto, my full-of-wikkid-awesome-people-hometown :D It made me cry, especially when she describes the children just running up and attacking her. So sweet!

67. A happy cat. Except for our first cat, which we lost, Abby and Lily are my first none-caged pets. I hope I will never get so used to them that I am not absolutely delighted whenever they roll around in front of me purring like lawnmowers because they're just so happy I'm home.
68. Traditional German knitting patterns, like these I found on ebay. So cute! The cablework on some of these cardigans is just to die for. My biggest problem now is deciding which one I want to make since I'm in love with several and they're really not a jiffy knit. What do you think? This one? Or maybe this one? I really love the back. And then of course there are some drool worthy socks and my favourite, the über sexy legwarmers for men! LOL

69. A good idea. Don't you just love it when you think of something great to make? You just get all worked up and pleased with yourself, and feel more motivated to get stuff done. I just thought of what I could do with a shrunken sweater that seemed to tiny to be used for anything, even a purse! So I'll make mittens! I can picture them perfectly and if I can manage to get a whole pile of stuff done at work, I can take make them this weekend instead of working like last weekend!
Rainbow hat n mitts
70. And last, but not least, doing things for others. I think there are few things in the world than can so easily bring such a sense of satisfaction and well-being. It's practically selfish! I'm really enjoying knitting things for Dulaan, and although work has been crazy the last week or so, I am making time to spin and knit more things. I'm really happy with the latest to be done, as they're my first mittens, and I love how the rainbow handspun knit up. I hope they will make a child happy :)

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