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Sunday, March 05, 2006
Colour me March

Shameless procrastinator that I am, I was trolling the net a couple days ago when I happened upon Project Spectrum. It's an ongoing craft-along where each month is dedicated to a colour group, and we get to share things we make, whether knit, sewn, sculpted, painted, whatever, that are those colours. or take pictures of things we see around us with those colours. It sounded like so much fun I signed up immediately! I've been in a bit of a rut lately, or more like for a few months now, and my creative endeavours have dwindled to almost nothing. But I really like theme projects, so I'm hoping this will give me the little push I need to get my mojo back.

To get myself started, I raided my stash for everything red n pink! Things have been a little chaotic over in my little yarn cave, and it really did me good to organize a bit according to colour. (or really just organize at all LOL) I gathered up all the lighter colours in one basket, and the darker/brigher ones in another. There are a couple of things in there that have been laying around for a while, and seeing this way put them in a whole new light. Most of my yarn purchases are virtual stash raids on German eBay, where a lot of people just sell random heaps of yarn they don't use any more. It results in me having all kinds of randomness that sometimes I just have no idea what to do with. Case in point - see that pink boucle?? It's a soft, cuddly cotton blend, that I just had to have. It came in loose skeins that weren't even twisted into hanks or anything, just bigs loops of yarn. I have more than enough for a cardi, but can't decide what would be the right project. But putting it next to some of my other yarns has given me an idea, and as soon as I've finished knitting a swatch to see if it works, I think I've got me a new project!
And for those who are wondering, the woolies are normally kept safe and warm in a room unknown to kitties, so they were all excited about the buffet. I was just barely able to keep them off for the time it took to take these, so excuse the little paws and head :)

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