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Wednesday, April 05, 2006
Spin - take two (in colour)
and here is some spinning in colour! i've really been wanting to dye some of the white roving i have, because the colours just make me so happy!! it really gives you the feeling of a having a finished product. this is a merino/silk blend that my boy ordered for me, a whole whopping kilo! and it's such a lovely colour, and so soft! the spun yarn feels to smooth. he also got me some plain merino in different colours for me to play with, but i haven't been able to yet, because i want to try carding some of it together, to get a more mixed effect, and there has just been no time :P
the last couple days i've mostly been driving myself crazy, trying to schedule all the things i want to do and see in Toronto next week. i have a big family, so they take up a lot of time, and then of course friends, and there are a couple favourite restaurants and stores that i'm dying to go to, because i've been pretty homesick. AND, last but not least, i've been trying to decide what to order from Knitpicks while i can, since they don't mail to Europe. i don't want to order too much, because really i'm kinda drowning in my stash at the moment, but the yarns are just so pretty! and who knows when i can buy them again? and you know, we're each allowed to bring a whole 32 kg of luggage back with us.... :D

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