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Sunday, April 02, 2006
If it looks like a frog, and it sounds like a frog...
then it's probably my knitting. as you can probably tell by the new entries on the sidebar, i have been suffering a bout of startitis. Being the free-for-all knitter that i am, this can get ugly. Really ugly. Admittedly, now is not one of the super ugly times, I've had much worse...frogging of whole sweaters, or a bag that needed to be (gasp!) cut apart. Compared to that, this is not so bad.
first off, the reason why there has been little progress, and less blogging about the Mary Jane cardigan (that i was so excited about getting!) is that i made the ginormous mistake of knitting it on the train. This seemed at first to be a good idea, considering how much time i spend on trains and buses each day....almost 3 whopping hours! Envy me! Just one hitch. I board my first train at about 7:30am, pre-breakfast, and pre-coffee, because I usually pick that up at the main station at this little booth that has the best croissants ever. Which amounts to me in a rather zombie-like state sitting on a crowded train with a lap full of lace yarn and size 2 needles. I am just so smart!! But really, it was going so well for a while. I thought I was just the best knitter ever. And the looks of awe were just the best. Those looks of 'What's that? What is she doing? Is that knitting? Look how pretty that is! How does she do that!?!' Ok, maybe I'm exxagerating a little for emphasis, but you get the point. But my luck/marvelous knitting talent ran out. After about a week of commuter lace, I noticed I'd completely ran amok with the border a few rows previously, and had just continued knitting, completely oblivious! Since it's on the border, it's a super noticeable mistake, and there's no way to avoid frogging it and doing it over, but I just haven't felt up to it. Chances are slim that I'll get to it this week before we leave for Canada, so it looks like that'll be on hold til we get back.
What I will try to do this week though, is finish that damn Bubble Wrap already, even though part of that will also have to be frogged. Or actually, is in the progress of. I made on of the front pieces just too damn small, and I'm really not sure how. I could've sworn I knit both pieces the same way, but now they really don't look it. I thought knitting was the one thing I could still manage to do, even when I come home feeling half flu-ridden and dead-dog-tired, but it looks like I should try n pay a bit more attention. *sigh* Do I really hafta?

posted by tatjana @ 9:03 p.m.  
  • At Tuesday, April 04, 2006 7:40:00 p.m., Blogger Teresa said…

    Oh, I feel for you! That is one of the reasons I have been sewing so much lately. I've been battling this nasty virus for the past two weeks, and everytime I sit down to knit I make a mistake!! It is so frustrating! The Mary Jane cardigan is a lot of fun (it was my Knitting Olympics project), but for sure needs a lot of attention paid to it-I am really impressed you could do it at all while commuting!

    Are you still having problems accessing Lolly's blog? I haven't had any problems myself-are you able to access it from the link on my page? Let me know-don't want you to miss out on anything!

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