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Wednesday, July 16, 2003
HOLY HANGOVER DELAY, BATMAN! (ie i almost forgot the weekend)
i now heartily believe in the miraculous, all-curing power of tequila. i think it should be included in first aid kits everywhere. this is because i dragged my sorry ass onto a bus headed to Barra de Navidad on the weekend slong with a head full of mucus and a general woe-is-me sort of malaise that i was pretty sure was not going to make me much of a party animal. but, Mary and Gael (crazy tramping bisexuals extraordinaire) had already made the reservation for us to go 'GET FUN!' (they love this phrase, they say it constantly.) at the beach. so off to the beach went my cold-germ-infested self, as did poor, exhausted, insomnia plagued Jamie. as J was just tired, he managed to fix himself up with some Ciclon, which i'm not sure we've got back home, but it's like red bull, in that when you mix it with vodka and give it to Jamie, it makes for all kinds of wrong!!! oh Jamie, what came over you?? if only i had brought my camera so all your little geography mates could see you grinding, all topless n sweaty, with Gael and that wierd fat guy. i was so relieved when you latched onto that cute random teenybopper from guadalajara with the nice ass, particularly since it wasn't the first girl you'd been eyeing, who, it turns out, is only 16. just our luck, since friday isn't technically the weekend yet, the only place we could find to dance at was almost empty excpet for a gang of jailbait from guadalajara in backless shirts. i think Gael, Mary and J all wet their pants while i just resolved not to let Jamie get sucked into the vortex. i can't tell you how many of this kind of temptress there are here. it's terrible. when we first got here it took us a couple weeks to realize that all the beautiful girls we kept seeing were under 18, cuz once they get any older most are busy breeding or leave town. crazy.
so back to the beach, we also ran into the most gorgeous posse of hippies ever. i would tell you what went through my mind at first seeing them, but then this would cease to be a pg-13 blog. i'm thinking if i ever get myself out of debt, i need to take a year to lollygag up and down the coast of some sultry aired country just camping here and there and getting by on necklace making, cuz these guys seem to be having a blast. having partaken heavily of the Jose Cuervo cold remedy (and feeling quite festive!) by the time they arrived, i was seriously considering just joining them then and there.
second night was much of the same, but at the SeaMaster (doesn't that sound like tuna from the dollar store?) where they had an open bar and the yummiest waiters ever!! there was much dancing, much over-heating, and much drenching with cold water, much to the amusement of all the bartending staff. and i ran into one of the Harley's boys!!! Harley's is a pizza place here in Autlan which only seems to employ hot young men. it's great. it's not a gimmick or anything, tho prolly done on purpose. there are a couple i've been ogling, and J keeps joking that i have to snag a Harley's boy before we leave. well, i ran into one in Barra, tho not one of the one's i wanted. this would be for the best, as i'm not sure my darling little redhead would appreciate hearing abot me getting it on with the pizza boy. damn! speaking of which, i'm supposed to be meeting him for a movie, like NOW. the matrix finally got to Autlan! i hope i don't wet my pants!
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