A Canadian gal in Stuttgart, Germany, who loves nothing better than crafting by the seat of her pants. See her snip, sew, knit, knot, glue, sculpt, splatter, spin, and of course, talk about herself.

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Monday, June 16, 2003
my weekend was not quite what i was expecting, but fun never the less. a trip down to the coast to see Siempre No, a local band, whose singer/guitarist goes to my school. fun bunch a guys, do kickass covers of songs i've never heard of but am beginning to memorize. they played at caxcan in melaque, a pretty touristy beach town and sung sweet child o mine!!! that's right. G N' FUCKIN R!!! words cannot express my joy. Oscar, the drummer, did a pretty sweet rendition considering he speaks not a word of english. i was getttin pretty sleepy early on in the evening and was afraid i wouldn't have the energy to hold out til they finished, but i was saved by the magic margarita that comes in a 1L wine flask....and it's friend that followed :) i think i startled a couple people in my ability to hold my liquor and i can only hope i succeeded in convincing Ruth she needs to follow my example. she's trying to snag Memo, the other guitar player who's not from our school, but since she's kinda quiet she hasn't made any headway yet. she didn't believe me that one of the best ways to find out if a guy likes you is to grab his ass and see what he does. even tho i insisted it can easily be passed off as a joke, she still looked horrified. if anyone has any suggestions (preferably less trampy than mine!) on how Ruth can get this guy's attention, please let me know.
although i suffered no hangover from saturday night, crashing with about 15 other drunken revelers in a wee little apartment made me more than a little heat-messed. also, i seem to have acquired myself a boyfriend. i would've much prefered the hangover. i've got til the end of the day to figure out how to get this guy to leave me alone without it escalating into some kind of greek tragedy (i get the feeling the boys are a little dramatic here). and if you're wondering why i can't just date the guy, it might have something to do with the fact that there seem to be 2 kinds of boy around here:
1) MEGA-Player - he will woo you like never before, as long as you're drunk, scantily clad, and his girlfriend/wife isn't around.

2) LEECH - hope you didn't need that arm, cuz you ain't gettin it back anytime soon. also, if you've got any problems with PDA, you're pretty much a goner, cuz this boy will have his lips locked to some part of you from now until the end of time. he will also tell you constantly how beautiful and wonderful you are, and how crazy he is about you. every five freaking minutes.

i'll give you all one guess as to which one i got myself stuck with. well, you'll have to excuse me, i have to go look for a crow bar cuz my sandal's getting all wet. BLARG!!!
posted by tatjana @ 9:23 p.m.  
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