A Canadian gal in Stuttgart, Germany, who loves nothing better than crafting by the seat of her pants. See her snip, sew, knit, knot, glue, sculpt, splatter, spin, and of course, talk about herself.

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Tuesday, June 03, 2003
i'm not sure if i've mentioned this, but Autlan rilly does not have much of a nightlife. there's one club type place that's only open saturday n sunday and a bunch of bars which are nearly empty a lot of the time. so what's a kid to do? well, if you've got a car, you just drive around aimlessly, blaring music and yelling out the window at people. growing up in TO, i'm not terribly familiar with this, but i'm sure a lot of you are. this is what we ended up doing last night with our friends the bisexual stalkers, who are actually very nice people and fun to hang out with, but also keep us kinda busy trying to keep their damn paws off us. sigh. the burden of being beautiful ;) the funny thing was tho, their friend Carol, who continuously yells in this deep growly voice that makes her souind like a demented muppet, decided she needed to fuck some shit up. so´s we stops at a big campaign poster and watch them try n scramble up this fence and reach the poster, only to find that the markers won´t work on the slick, plasticy stuff that is plastered with the grinning face of jose gonzalez hernandez something or other. we did, however, find some nice traffic signs that were much more vulnerable to our little weapons of minor destruction and managed to give a couple of them a much more 'masculine' look. kinda fertile if you know what i mean. one of them, of a little man with his seatbelt on, also has devil's horns and a tail. dammit! i love mexicans!
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